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Atten 936B



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Liên hệ

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690.000 1+ units
680.000 10+ units
670.000 100+ units

● The whole soldering station using a conductive material, designed to prevent static electricity and clean room environments (ESD) has this feature. 
● temperature heating element made ​​of imported materials made ​​with advanced technology, long life. 
● heating element using low voltage AC power source, ensuring anti-static, no leakage, no interference. 
● setting and control 200 ~ 480 ℃ temperature stable and accurate. 
● rapid warming. 
● handle special lightweight, long-term use without fatigue. 
● heating element is completely isolated by the main power grid. 
● iron part in anti-static air connectors and high temperature silicone rubber (silicone) cable with temperature control units connected. 
● Unique temperature locking device to prevent staff hackneyed temperature. 
● split design, display easy.

Standard list:
● Device Host: 1 set 
● iron handle: 1 (handle with the tip) 
● Soldering Iron Block: 1 
● Power cord: 1 
● Sponge: 1 
● Instructions: 1

1 industrial electronic product assembly 
. 2 research department for product development 
3 electronics repair industry overhaul. 
4 all enterprises electrician soldering operation. 
5 electronics enthusiasts for electronic assembly. 
6 all kinds. electrical skills training colleges students

Input voltage: 220VAC ± 10% 50Hz 
Output voltage: 24VAC 
Power consumption: 50W 
Temperature range: 200 ℃ ~ 480 ℃ 
setting method: knob to adjust the 
temperature stability: ± 5 ℃ (static) 
Display: dial 
the maximum ambient Temperature: 40 ℃ 
temperature calibration mode: analog calibration 
temperature lock: mechanical 
tip-to-ground resistance: <2Ω 
tip-to-ground voltage: <5mV 
Tip: AT-20-SI 
heater: 50W four core ceramic heater

● 200 ℃ temperature control knob to the position. 
● Connect the iron and console. 
● Connect the power. 
● turn on the switch, the power indicator LED that lights up. 
● temperature control knob to the suitable temperature location. 
● proper temperature.