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Friendly arm NanoPC T3



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Chính Hãng

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1.900.000 1+ units
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Comprehensive Drivers & Rich Tutorials

Device / Driver Driver Source Code Files
 Cross Compiler arm-cortexa9-linux-gnueabihf-4.9.3  






Linux Driver and Source Code Files

Support EXT4/NFS/FAT32  
Watchdog drivers/wathdog/nxp_wdt.c
RTC drivers/rtc/rtc-nxp.c
LED drivers/leds/
leds-gpio.c, leds-pwm.c
User Key drivers/input/keyboard/nxp_io_key.c
SPI drivers/spi-pl022.c
I2C drivers/i2c/busses/i2c-nxp.c
PWM arch/arm/mach-s5p4418/pwm.c
ADC drivers/staging/iio/adc/nxp_adc.c
Capacitive touch/Resistive touch drivers/input/touchscreen/
ft5x0x_ts.c, it7260_mts.c
FriendlyARM One-wire driver

1wire_houst.c, ts-if.c

LCD backlight, suppor 127 backlight levels
USB Host: support USB drive, USB Hub, USB keyboard and USB mouse drivers/usb/host/ehci-synop.c
USB Device: support USB ADB drivers/usb/host/dwc_otg
SD/MMC drivers/mmc/host/dw_mmc*.c
Serial drivers/tty/serial/amba-pl011.c
Audio (audio recording and playing, ALSA compatible) sound/soc/codecs/snd-soc-es8316.c
Gbit Ethernet (RTL8211E) drivers/net/ethernet/nexell, drivers/net/phy/realtek.c
WiFi (ap6212) drivers/wireless/bcm4336
Bluetooth drivers/Bluetooth
Power Management(AXP228) drivers/power/axp_power
HDMI arch/arm/mach-s5p4418/prototype/module
DVP Camera(OV5640) drivers/media/video/ov5640.c
Lvds(origianl kernel module, we didn’t test it) arch/arm/mach-s5p4418/prototype/module
Multimedia 2D/3D (only for Android) ANDROID/hardware/samsung_slsi/slsiap/modules/vr
Video encoding &decoding ANDROID/vendor/nexell/s5p4418/modules/coda960
Framebuffer drivers/video/nxp-fb*.c
Ultra-sonic drivers/char/matrix_hcsr04.c
IR receiver drivers/char/matrix_ir_recv.c
Rotary encoder drivers/char/matrix_rotary_encoder.c
ADS7846 drivers/char/matrix_ads7846.c
USB keyboard & mouse drivers/hid
USB camera drivers/media/video/uvc


Make an Installation SD Card under Windows

Before play with your NanoPC-T3 please get the following items ready

  • NanoPC-T3
  • SD Card: Class 10 or Above, minimum 8GB SDHC
  • 5V/2A power adapter
  1. FriendlyARM packaged a Windows utility “Win32DiskImager.exe” which can used to make an installation card.
  2. Follow the instructions on our wiki and download the image files from   http://wiki.friendlyarm.com/wiki/index.php/NanoPC-T3
  3. Uncompress these files. Insert an SD card(at least 4G) into a Windows PC, run the win32diskimager utility as administrator. On the utility's main window select your SD card's drive and the image files and click on "write" to start flashing the SD card.
  4. After it is done please insert this card to your NanoPC-T3 and power on (with a 5V/2A power source). If the red LED is on and green LED is blinking this indicates your NanoPi2 is successfully booted.

RGB LCD Interface Pin Spec

Pin# Name Description
1, 2 VDD_5V 5V Output, it can be used to power LCD modules
11,20,29, 37,38,39,40, 45 DGND Ground
3-10 Blue LSB to MSB RGB blue
12-19 Green LSB to MSB RGB green
21-28 Red LSB to MSB RGB red
30 GPIOB25 available for users
31 GPIOC15 occupied by FriendlyARM one wire technology to recognize LCD models and control backlight and implement resistive touch, not applicable for users
32 XnRSTOUT Form CPU low when system is reset
33 VDEN signal the external LCD that data is valid on the data bus
34 VSYNC vertical synchronization
35 HSYNC horizontal synchronization
36 LCDCLK LCD clock, Pixel frequency
41 I2C2_SCL I2C2 clock signal, for capacitive touch data transmission
42 I2C2_SDA I2C2 data signal, for capacitive touch data transmission
43 GPIOC16 interrupt pin for capacitive touch, used with I2C2
44 NC Not connected

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