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STM32 Tiny Board



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450.000 1+ units
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Function one: development board STM32 Tiny struggle version can carry shop WIFI to serial module, configured, you can achieve remote control development board resources around the world as long as there is a place by phone or internet pc, for example, can remotely monitor an environment of temperature and humidity, remote control relay module contacts pull. Can also be remotely controlled stepper motors and servos, etc., the real things. 
Function 2:
 development board STM32 Tiny struggle version as 2.4G communication module NRF24L01 the USB virtual serial port adapter. Through the serial cable or USB cable and PC connection, you can receive and transmit frame length is 32 bytes NRF24L01 wireless packet helper class software via the serial port with a pair of six-channel communications capabilities of. Function 3:

 can be used as an ordinary STM32 development board. 
Struggle Edition development board STM32 Tiny external power supply is 5V, the learning process can be used with a USB cable that provides power to the board through a computer. You can also interface to 5V GPIO pin (5V silk board cited there) input supply.Please cooperate with detailed schematics to understand the struggle resources development board STM32 Tiny.


Tiny board resources:
. CPU: STM32F103C8T6, QFP48 feet; FLASH: 64K BYTES, SRAM: 20KBYTES 
. onboard SPI FLASH 2M bytes of 
a CAN communication interface .1 
.1 status LED, 1 power supply LED indicates 
a RS .1 -232 Interface (MALE), supports 3-wire ISP. (Equipped with a computer connected to the needs of female-female crossover cable) 
.1 USB2.0 SLAVE mode interface (This interface can be used as power supply interface, but also as a USB communication interface). 
NRF24L01 2.4G wireless module .1 SPI mode interface. 

.1 WIFI to serial module interface. 
.1 2.54mm pitch 20-pin JTAG interface standard 
reset button .1 

.1 user buttons 
. remaining GPIO port all leads. 
. Board size: 75mmX36mm.